Elevating The Game


Strategies for Improving Performance on

Intermediate- Level Chess Players


  • - We hold the believe that a FIDE rating is a prerequisite for participating in IM norm tournaments.
  • - The BonaFIDE Swiss tournaments, conducted on a monthly basis in the Bay Area of California, present a cost-effective and feasible means of acquiring a FIDE Rating.
  • - Our track record showcases the successful organization of three high-quality BonaFIDE tournaments in the Bay Area, each with resounding success.


  • - We also believe that committed chess players must engage in at least 30 competitive tournaments of high calibre per year.
  • - Our main strategy is; through the removal of travel requirements and scheduling regular weekend events, The Scheveningen Challenger tournaments attract a diverse cohort of skilled players to your city.
  • - Our record boasts the successful management of three Scheveningen Challenger tournaments in The Bay Area, with an impressive turnout of over 15 participants in each event.



  • - Conviction, the official rating of a player typically understates their actual skill level.
  • - The sensitivity of Swiss systems to early misfortune is notable, whereas Round Robin tournaments offer greater stability.

However, when it comes to resilience, Scheveningen tournaments are unmatched. It is essential to carefully consider the tournaments you choose to participate in, as they can significantly impact your ratings.

Due to the prevalence of Swiss tournaments, rating advancement tends to be slower compared to the Scheveningen challenger tournament.