Donate today, inspire tomorrow.

Thank you for considering donating to 1000GM Chess Charity, an organization dedicated to investing in infrastructure that creates and sustains 1000 grandmasters.

So far, we have funded 5 GM Norm Round-Robin, 6 IM Norm Round-Robin and 2 Super Swiss event in Los Angeles, Bay Area and St. Louis. We have more than 30 player profile interviews on YouTube and 500+ game-analysis videos by GM Akobina. (Many more on the way!). 100+ players had opportunity to participate in over 500 games. It has cost $300,000 to produce them. We have created 25+ Norms.

We are committed to producing more events in 2023. At the moment, we are really funded by direct donations from chess fans and corporate sponsorship.

Our 501c(3) is registered with Benevity and available for company match.

Any questions? We would love to hear from you: Email [email protected]